Engine Fire Bio

Engine Fire is an American, pop-punk influenced rock band from Reno, Nevada.   The band is led by singer/song-writer and guitarist, Chris Holloway, who established himself in the punk band Evenground in the 1990’s.  The common thread between all four members is drummer Pierre Marche (Sucka Punch/Screeching Weasel) who has played in various incarnations of other pop punk bands with both Holloway (Calling Cadence) and 2nd guitarist Shaun Rucker (Stevedave), also out of Reno, Nevada.  Pierre’s son Josh Marche plays bass in the band, rounding out the line-up and adding a unique element of actual family to the mix.  The result is 4 men that have known each other for most (if not all) of their lives, providing a tight rhythm section and solid foundation for the band.


Sonically, Engine Fire is about anthem choruses, melody and powerful songs.

Lyrically, the subject matter is real.  No topic is off the table- from broken hearts and child abuse/neglect, to the pain of losing loved ones to death or friends to the legal system…it’s all out there in it’s purest sense as Holloway exorcises demons which torment many of us. 


Engine Fire digitally debuted in March 2019, releasing a self-titled 4 track EP on iTunes/Spotify and the usual outlets, which was recorded in Sacramento, CA and mastered in Sweden, by Joe Johnson and Eric Broyhill, respectively.  

A video was subsequently released for their song "Pictures" which is an autobiographical, soul-cleansing song penned by Holloway. 


Plans for Engine Fire are focused on writing, recording, and touring. They've hit the ground running in 2019 and are chomping at the bit to take this show on the road.